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2019.3.7 Thu ~ 10 Sun

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《VISIBLE PART Ⅰ》 2019 273×273cm ウレタンフォーム、樹脂膠、箔、塗料、アクリル板
Urethane foam, Ressin glue, Aluminum leaf, Acrylic paint, Acrylic plate

 今回のアートフェアでは、「VISIBLE PART」(見えている部分)と題し、人間の持つ外見と内面を表した新作を中心に発表します。 緊張感の中に自由さと遊戯性を感じさせる市川の新たな世界を、どうぞご堪能ください。



 今回の《visible part》は、「世界樹」同様りんごをモチーフにしながらも、平面ではなく立体で、そして単色ではなく色彩を付加することで、現代におけるひとのさまざまな生き方、その裏表を表現したものだという。作品はこれまでの作品のテーマをさらに深めるものであると同時に、日本画の技法を用いながらその色彩は単色が中心だった市川の視覚表現を押し広げるものとしても興味深い。そして天球を模した球体にりんごの箔押しを行った《天球儀Ⅱ》は、まさしくこの世界=地球全体をひとつのモチーフによって把握するかのようなきわめて野心的作品である。マクロからミクロまで、視点の鮮やかな移動によってわたしたちの世界をあざやかに描き出す、市川裕司の作品に注目したい。






From Point of Origin to the Broader World


Yuji Ichikawa is an artist who has continually tried to express the concept of "the world" through his work since his career was launched. The early representative series ‘genetic’ featuring a transparent acrylic board as a main support, and using houkaimatsu (calcite powder) based white paint, pictures life continually on the move never fixed in place relative to the starting point. Next, in ‘World trees’ developed when he was a Gotoh Memorial Foundation sponsored overseas trainee residing in Germany and featuring the apple motif, the viewer can discover a wide variety of contexts in which the various relationships that characterize the world are expressed. In Ichikawa’s unique world, the field of vision expands from a single life to the vast wider world.

The work 《Visible part》, which like ‘World trees’ features apples as a motif but in a multi-colored not monochrome, and three-dimensional not planar format, expresses humans' mode of existence in the present age. It is also interesting to note how the works further develop the themes of Ichikawa’s previous works and expand his oeuvre from mainly monochrome to variegated color-schemes using the techniques of Japanese painting. As for 《Celestial Spheres Ⅱ》 in which an apple pattern is stamped onto a globe shape simulating a celestial sphere, this is a very ambitious work that attempts to capture the entire world=the globe with this singular motif. I am excited to see what the future has in store for the work of Yuji Ichikawa who depicts our world by vivid movements of visual perspective from the macro to the micro.


Satoshi Koganezawa (Curator / ART MUSEUM & LIBRARY, OTA)